How to begin a business in UAE free zone

Starting your own company in UAE free zone is quite easy and its procedure is short as that of company set up in mainland. Because the authorities in the free zone require less duration and minimal paperwork. But you will need a proper vision if you want to start your company in UAE free zone. If you want to start your company in UAE free zone then you will need to come up with excellent business idea. Here we have added complete guide for you to start your company in UAE free zone instead of a Dubai mainland business setup.

Decide the type of company:

This is the first step in your new journey that you will need to select the type of company. you should go for the company in which you have expertise and then you will need to select the type of business entity. It offers two types of business firms: free zone establishment, free zone company. The free zone establishment needs one shareholder and free zone company require more than one shareholder.

Select your trade name:

Then you will need to select the name of your company as it will also be required while applying for registration. You must make sure that the name that you have selected is not already registered.

Select your business activity:

When opting for a free zone company setup in UAE, you can select from more than three thousand business activities that belong to different sectors such as shipping, aviation, energy and personal services.

Acquire initial approval:

You will need to get initial approval to start your company in free zone and you will have to follow their rules and regulations. You will need to apply with documents.

Select the office space:

Then you will need to select the office space to start your company. you can select the office space depending on your work and kind of your business activity.

Acquire the license:

This is the final step in your entrepreneurial journey as you will need to get the license to run your company. you will need to pay license and registration fees then after few days you can get license. Then you will become eligible to start your company. there are different types of licenses available according to the type of business such as industrial, professional, service or healthcare license. So, you will have to apply for the same license about which you are going to start your company.