You can recognize the immigration point system in Canada via this report, and the services that use it as a ranking criterion. In fact, this is the precise response we offer to potential candidates who are trying to find out what the point-grading method is all about.

There are also separate point-based visa schemes in Australia, the UK, and New Zealand. These countries have set up these programs with the shared aim of recruiting highly skilled applicants who can apply their talents to the development of the workforce.

What is the Immigration Point System for Canada?

The Immigration Point Scheme in Canada originated in 1967. Before 2015, when it became the federal Express Entry, it had undergone many changes.

The aim of the express entry program is to choose, on the basis of their personal and professional profile, eligible foreign applicants. This include age, degree of schooling, years of work history, experience of learning or working in Canada, marital status, and fluency in English or French.

In order to grade each of these conditions, the IRCC uses a Rigorous Rating System (CRS). The CRS score will decide whether or not you will receive an invitation. You need to have at least 67 points before you can apply through the Canada Immigration Point Scheme. Unless it complies with the 67 benchmarks, the IRCC will not give your profile a CRS ranking.

This is the bargain here:

Under the Canada Immigration Point System- Express Access, pick the correct category

In Canada, the immigration point system has three classifications, namely:

  • Qualified Federal Trades
  • Experience class in Canada
  • Skilled Federal Agent

Each of these classifications has a prerequisite. To help measure your CRS score accurately, you should review this guide.

The FSW operates a separate point structure within the three groups above. factors like age, and education, among others, all have multiple points allocated to each one. And for foreign workers, it is the most common immigration point system.

The types FST and CEC, on the other hand, do not work for another eligibility point. It’s either you’re meeting or not meeting their criteria. Check out more on our pages detailing the express entry and CRS score points grid for Canada immigration points.

How are you qualifying for the Express Federal Entry Program?

Checking your eligibility is the first step. You will continue to build an express entry profile until you get up to a minimum of 67 points.

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