Building a house is not enough. We have to turn it into a home and that can be done by doing different things like adding color to the walls, buying small decorations, adding furniture and appliances. But before you do all of this, you have to do a very huge task and that is thinking about the floor. You must be thinking what is there is to think? Well, you need to come up with an idea how to make your floor look nice. Some people ignore this but we suggest that you set tiles in all over the house and even get garden tiles in Dubai.

Tiles level up the look of the house and if you want your house to look amazing from the outside as well then you can get tiles for outdoor flooring in Dubai. There are different sorts of tiles available and some people export some of the most expensive and unique kind of tiles from around the world. But if you want to tile up your house in a budget then we suggest that you buy ceramic tiles. The sound of these tiles may sound expensive but they are cheap and the most durable ones as well. But no matter what the benefits are, there are some challenges of ceramic tiles that you should know about.

Temperature: you must be wondering that what temperature has to do with tiles. Well, if you are living in a super-hot part of the country, then you will need to turn on the ac almost all day because these tiles can burn your feet and if you live in a very cold place, then you will need to place rugs and carpets to make sure that the house stays warm or else it will be freezing in your home.

Hard: if you love walking bare foot and if you add tiles to the floor, you will be ending up with painful feet because tiles are very hard. It is a benefit and a downside as well. if you drop an expensive set of glass on the floor, it is guaranteed that none of them will be saved. And if the glass was heavy, then may be, the tile can get damaged. In such cases, tiles usually get cracked and it looks awful