In recent years, the floral wedding industry has expanded tremendously. In making wedding floral arrangements the center stage social media played a significant part.

Of course, this year, we all get the COVID19 pandemic, but let’s think of the saying: After the storm sun always comes up. Of course, about 75 percent of florists I spoke about said they were already booked solid for floral wedding, with the remaining 25 percent almost entirely booked, having come up in 2021.

When you just join the career of a wedding florist, these 4 simple measures will lead you to structure your customers’ dream wedding appointments so that customers sign up on a dotted line immediately.


Consultations for weddings allow your flower shop in Khalifa City client to determine who can employ florals for their wedding. It is really important that you can embrace your customer to ease the misprint and not be booked for their marriage florals. To do this, you want a dedicated place to accept your wedding customers either in your florist’s store, studio, or house. Software for the flower wedding or workbook to write down floral desires of you and your clients.

Be a Good Collector

You want to listen to the customer during the first meeting to figure out how floral they see. And if they do not want to budget, let the customer convey it to you before engaging. Be sure that your customers connect with you on your workbook or marriage program during this process.

Stay communicated

You will continue with your questions and suggestions in phase 3 and after you have identified the personality of your customer. The aim is not to over-sell the floral services of your wedding but to be clear. Educate the customer about the seasonality of flowers if it sounds difficult to get their orders.

Personal gifts

If your client has booked with you or takes time – now is your chance to leave a permanent impression when the consultation on the wedding is complete. Get a collection of consulting wedding publicity presents packed that can be paired with sweet little flower arrangements to give out to the customers.

This gift aims to make sure your company echoes your wedding customer and they appreciate the extra touch. Know more about the best online flower delivery outlets and online delivery services.