How to Increase Hair Texture

We have heard of so many treatments for hair but now a days, you can find the latest kind of technology for hair growth as well. You must be thinking of that same old hair transplant surgeries that sometimes turned out really bad. Well, the world is past that now and now you don’t have to see a doctor for growing your hair. All you need to do is wear a cap. Now you can find caps that have small lasers in them that are so small that it does not damage your scalp or hair in any way though, you have to take hair vitamins in Dubai to make sure that cap works out for your hair.

You can also find the best multivitamins in Dubai for your hair that will also prove to be good for your health overall as well. There are some people who don’t do much for their hair and still they have the most amazing hair texture while some people spend a fortune on hear treatments and the hair loss and hair damage does not seem to stop. That is why we asked different dermatologist about the reason and they said that there can be more than one reasons like you are using cheap shampoos, you are not using conditioners, you straighten your hair a lot, you color your hair a lot and much more. And that also recommended us some tips about how to increase hair texture. The first thing that you should do is use microfiber towel. The regular towel does not damage your hair but the thread strands of that towel are hard and for people who have thin hair, it can cause hair loss.

Using a microfiber towel may not dry them right away but at least it will prevent from falling. There are so many of us who are busy doing more than one job that they forget to take care of themselves. If you want to relax and improve your hair texture then it is suggested that you oil your hair and scalp at least once or twice a week. If you want healthy hair as well then it is suggested that you wear a cap or a scarf on your head while you travel to protect your hair from harmful UV light and pollution.