Every kid dreams of having a great party on their birthdays every year and it’s always fun to attend one but all the arrangements and finances that go into it are not so fun for the parents. But now with so many videos and tips on the internet about how to arrange a birthday party with less money, people can have great and exciting parties for their kids that too without hiring an event planner.

There are so many tips and tricks to do it all yourself and arrange a party for your kid. There are many stores in town where you can get balloons, ribbons, fairy lights, and decorative materials, etc. for the party. They even let you rent most of the stuff that you can return to them after the party which saves a lot of money. If you have a large space for the party then you can even rent a bouncy castle and inflatables. Bouncy castle rental will cost you some money but it will be worth it and the party will be memorable. Apart from the decorations, the other thing you will need are chairs and maybe some tables, which you can also take on rent from rental stores. If you reside in Dubai, then there are so many stores where you can acquire chairs rental in Dubai.

To make the party memorable and exciting for children, set up some games for them. You can get simple game ideas from the internet that are easy to make at home and are so fun to play. Some games that little kids enjoy are prize walk, photo scavenger hunt, balloon bursts, paper boat race, musical chairs, and much more.

If you can afford then you can also hire 1 or 2 entertainers for the party like a kids magician or a puppeteer. You can even ask for friends to wear a costume of clowns or some cartoon character if you cannot afford entertainers.

Kids parties are more about fun and games and less about food but still, you will have to arrange different food items. While selecting food, keep in mind that it is for kids and it should be healthy. You can also prepare goody bags for kids as they love them! Last is the cake, try to choose a cake theme which your kids love as it is their birthday. There are so many bakers and home bakers who create a cake at reasonable prices.

Arranging a child’s birthday party can be a tiring thing but it’ll be amazing when you’ll see the excitement on your kid’s face.