E-liquid (or e-juice) consists of three (or four) essential ingredients. Propylene Glycol (or PEG for short) is the most important ingredient. It’s the one we’re most familiar with; it’s the icing on the cake in the electronic cigarette industry. Vets agree that if a liquid is used as often as PEG, it’s no longer a liquid, but a concentrated preparation of fat.

  • Vegetable glycerin (or VG) is another essential ingredient and is often included as an extra ingredient on many juices bottle. These are the natural flavorings. Your flavors choices will vary wildly when using VVG as an additional flavoring, but it does have its place in your Vapor Juice.
  • Flavoring is the most popular choice when buying vape juice in Abu Dhabi, however, not everyone finds something they like. If you’re looking to get a wider range of options, then go straight for the fruit flavors – such as watermelon, lime, and lemon. Fruit juices are generally very tasty and fruity, so if you are not a fan of citrus flavors, you may want to try something similar such as raspberry or melon. You can even find fruit juices mixed with fruit flavors for an even greater selection.
  • Nicotine and tobacco flavors are the most common; however, there are plenty of other options available. The problem lies with how difficult it can be to find an alternative to tobacco flavors. Tobacco flavors usually taste too strong, so e-liquids that tout themselves as being “tobacco-free” aren’t all that good. Many people also don’t like the aftertaste that tobacco leaves in their mouths. If you aren’t prepared to accept that, then you may want to look into alternatives.
  • There are two different approaches you can take when selecting your e-liquid. The first is by eliminating the nicotine strength. Some vaporizers claim to be nicotine-free while still delivering powerful flavors, and many vapers swear by these products. If you do decide to eliminate the nicotine strength, however, be aware that you may lose some of the vapor’s unique characteristics, such as a throat hit. 
  • Another approach many vapers take is mixing equal parts of fruit juices and vanilla ice cream to create a smooth and creamy background for their clouds. Fruit juices tend to have a bit more natural mint flavor than other juices, while vanilla ice cream is a natural sweetener that pairs well with fruit juices. This two combination is often referred to as a fruit and vegetable juice. 

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