When you see what to use for lubricating the parts of your car then you will come to know about four different types of lubricants that are delivered by the lubricant oil suppliers in UAE. You can use them easily by yourself if you know which parts need them and how to use them. If you want to know about the types in more detail then you need to click here now or see this:

Oil: It is very common and mostly people use this as they are easily and readily available for use. It is usually thin in the consistency but also available in different types of viscosities so you need to first confirm carefully about the type which your car needs. Some of the cars are delicate in manufacturing and they need a good lubricant suggested by the manufacturer. Sometimes few other things are added to the oil in order to make it more effective.

Grease: Grease is stickier and thicker than oil although it is made by mixing with oil but due to its consistency they are used where the parts are difficult to reach. In this situation grease is being dripped from the distances and due to the thicker consistency it will drip exactly to the part and do not drip down further to the ground. It is available in different consistencies but even the thinnest one looks like ketchup.

Penetrating lubricant: It is usually used as the breaking agent for rust and normally used when there are parts in the car with years of rust on them. This lubricant will go down and release rust from them so that the car can run smoothly. It is not used as the basic lubricant because its effect is only to clean the rust so after using this lubricant you have to use another one when rust will be faded.

Dry lubricant: Yes you are reading that there are some lubricants available that are dry in nature and they are used in places where other greasy or oily lubricants can’t be used. They comes in the form of sprays and have some particles in them that have the characteristic of being too slippery, that’s why they are used instead of other lubricants. They have to be mixed with water or alcohol to get liquid form for some time.